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It's time to clear the air about vapes

What are you really vaping?

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dead corpse

Dead body chemicals

Formaldehyde is a key ingredient of embalming fluid – which is the liquid injected into dead bodies to stop them from decomposing. 



2-chlorophenol is a chemical used to make pesticides, helpful to kill all sorts of creepy crawlies.

weed killer

Weed killer

Acrolein was once used in tear gas during World War I, but today it’s used to kill underwater weeds and algae.

rat poison

Rat poison

Arsenic was a very effective poison for rat and termite invasions. Now we know it also causes cancer in humans, it has been banned from Australian pesticides.

nail polish remover

Nail polish remover

Acetone is widely used in nail polish remover. You can tell by the smell it is a pretty powerful chemical. In just a few wipes it dissolves nail polish, stripping your nails clean.

cleaning products

Cleaning products

Acetaldehyde is found in all sorts of household cleaning products, from ones that sanitise your kitchen bench to ones that remove carpet stains and clean couches.

The chemicals in vapes have known risks

Lung injury

Some chemicals found in vapes can permanently damage your lungs, stopping you from enjoying the activities you love. 

Damage internal organs

Inhaling toxic chemicals is tough on your body. Heavy metals can damage your kidneys and liver. Other chemicals found in vapes, like formaldehyde and arsenic, are known to cause cancer. 

vape and lung

Nicotine is toxic

Almost all vapes contain nicotine. Nicotine can change how your brain is wired, especially if you’re under the age of 25. It can affect your memory, your mood and can make your brain seek out other addictive drugs.

Feeling nic-sick? That’s a sign your body is being poisoned. Some symptoms of nicotine poisoning are headspins, vomiting, and seizures.


Vape addiction:
It can happen faster than you think

A single vape can have about the same amount of nicotine as 3 packs of cigarettes. That’s a lot of nicotine for your body to handle, so it’s easy to get hooked fast. The more you vape, the more nicotine your body needs just to feel normal. 

vape and brain

Signs you may be addicted to vapes

Do you experience any of these when you go without vapes?

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How to quit vaping and stay vape-free

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve tried many times, we’ve put together some steps and hacks to help you quit vaping. Ready to take your first step towards a vape-free future? 

Steps to quit

You’re not on your own

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